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At Cambridge Place,
We’re Family

"My job at Cambridge Place and Blue Valley Senior Living brings me in touch with people on a personal level. When you are involved in caring for people, you have the privilege of being allowed into their lives. My work here has given me a deep connection with so many people that I never would have met otherwise."

Arlene Wessel
Executive Director and Administrator

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We're Here During Your Time of Need

As life comes to an end, there are decisions that families have the opportunity to make. Among them is the opportunity to choose a caring partner to walk those last few miles. We place hospice among the most important and positive services we provide residents and their families. Even though we may not be able to add days to a resident's life, we strive to add life to his or her days. This Medicare-covered service is one of the most valuable enduring gifts a family can receive.


Hospice not only provides extra nursing care in the nursing home, but has a skilled team of local professionals including Physicians, Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplain, Home Health Aides and Volunteers who provide the loving care that is needed for the resident and their family. Our staff in collaboration with our Hospice partner is specially trained in pain and symptom control to bring compassionate physical, emotional, and social care to a person’s life as sensitively, humanely and honestly as possible.

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