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At Cambridge Place,
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"I love the people I work beside. All of the staff in this company are a pleasure to work with and they make it enjoyable to come to work. I also love the residents and enjoy how witty they are. We learn so much from them."

Mary Zutterman

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Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Working to Make You Stronger 

Our therapists and nursing staff work with their patients daily to help them get stronger. From exercises to strength-building nutrition, our skilled nursing and rehabilitation services help body, mind and spirit, enabling faster recovery and return to active living.


Cambridge Place provides services to meet the changing needs of seniors which include our Medicare Home Again Program, Senior Day Services/Respite Program, Assisted Living, specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Unit, Hospice Care and Traditional Long Term Care services. Quality nursing care is our tradition and commitment, and is provided under the supervision of our board-certified Medical Director, and our Director of Nursing, a registered nurse with extensive experience in long-term care.


Cambridge Place is a certified Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility with a compliment of licensed therapists and a comprehensive restorative staff.


Physical Therapy

The physical therapy program provides intervention strategies to improve strength, mobility, balance, coordination, endurance and/or pain management. Therapists instruct residents in skilled techniques to improve their ability to walk, climb stairs, and increase physical stamina. This training may include the use of adaptive devices and equipment.


Occupational Therapy

The goal of the occupational therapy program is to assist residents in achieving greater self-reliance in activities of daily living, which includes dressing, personal grooming and eating. Occupational therapists are specialists in recommending adaptive equipment and other environmental changes to help the resident function safely.


Speech Therapy

The primary focus for the speech-language pathologist is to return the resident to the highest potential of communication for his or her environment. Treatment strategies involve teaching compensatory techniques to improve swallowing, speaking, listening, reading and writing comprehension, language interpretation and expressive skills.


Restorative Aides

In addition to licensed therapists, Cambridge Place also has a comprehensive restorative program. A nurse serves as supervisor to a team of three certified restorative aides. Specific areas of focus include ambulation programs, range of motion schedules, communication measures, restorative dining/assistive feeding devices, skin breakdown prevention and assistance with ADL’s (activities of daily living).

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